US Social Forum Detroit Local Organizing Committee Potluck - Tuesday @ 5:30pm

Peace y'all This Tuesday will be a great Detroit Local Organizing Committee meeting. We will do a year-end review and have some strategic planning for the January National Planning Committee meeting (January 8-10 in Albequerque, NM)

As a special year-end treat, all committee members are encouraged to participate in this meeting and also to bring a dish or dessert or treat to share with others. Feel free to bring new people, to forward this message to committee members and USSF supporters.


Tuesday December 8, 2009
USSF Detroit Office, Central United Methodist Church
23 E. Adams, 4th Floor
in front of Comerica Park

See you soon!

William Copeland USSF Organizer

Green Party opposes escalation, urges Obama to announce US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in his Dec. 1 speech

2009-12-01 Washington, DC -- Green Party leaders called on President Obama to reverse his Afghanistan policy by pledging an immediate cease-fire in the Afghanistan war and a complete withdrawal of US troops and military contractors, when he addresses the nation on Tuesday, December 1.

More at

Participate in Shaping the US Social Forum Workshop Tracks

The US Social Forum is building strong and wants your input on how to structure the Workshop Tracks.

In order to make the Forum a success, the National Planning Committee (NPC) wants your feedback! This consulta process proposes themes and framing to organize plenaries, workshops and assemblies of people, organizations and movements. This consulta, or consultation process, is an opportunity to give feedback on the relevance and accuracy of the themes and framing to your work specifically and movement building in general.

Please Click on this link to fill out a short survey.

Submissions will be accepted until December 14th.

Buy Nothing Day 2009 - Today

"And the strangest thing about the nightmare street was that none of the millions of things for sale were made there. They were only sold there. Where were the workshops, the factories, where were the farmers, the craftsmen, the miners, the weavers, the chemists, the carvers, the dyers, the designers, the machinists, where were the hands, the people who made? Out of sight, somewhere else. Behind walls. All the people in all the shops were either buyers or sellers. They had no relation to the things but that of possession."


Greens blast the anti-choice Stupak Amendment in the Democrats' health care bill, predict voter anger and defections from the Democratic Party over the amendment

2009-11-16 Washington, DC -- Green Party leaders today called the Stupak Amendment in the recently passed US House bill on health care reform a disaster for women's reproductive rights and a betrayal of the Democrats' stated support for women's rights and well-being.

The Green Party supports full reproductive rights, including uncompromised access to abortion services for women: &

US Social Forum "Indigenous Rights" Potluck Fundraiser

The US Social Forum invites you to:

Indigenous Rights
a potluck, and US Social Forum fundraiser

Thursday, November 19 6:30-8:30pm

At American Indian Health and Family Services (AIHFS)
4880 Lawndale, Detroit, MI, 48210

Featuring speakers:
Veronica Pasfield, Co-chair of the Native Caucus, University of Michigan
Jerilyn Church, Executive Director of AIHFS

And musical performances by various artists

Greens make gains in city council races across the US on Election Day 2009, with a 35% victory rate in municipal elections

Green Party beachhead in California: Greens take a majority of seats on Fairfax Town Council; see Preliminary Election Day results for Greens at

'Send a Green to Congress in 2010': Greens will reach out to voters who are disappointed by Obama and Dems but haven't forgotten eight years of GOP misrule under Bush

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party made a strong showing in city council races across the US on Election Day, November 3, 2009.

Golf developers face new scrutiny in Lake Michigan park privatization Benton Harbor dune case sparks concern in Saugatuck


BENTON HARBOR — While this southwest Michigan city’s new Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course opened this summer only partially constructed, more than 2,500 visitors have hit the links in what used to be the public dunes along Lake Michigan. And just as expanded operations ramp up into the 2010 season, concerns about the privatization of public parkland in a poverty-stricken community are finding an audience in some powerful venues.

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