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Friends of the Earth International

December 19, 2009


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, December 19, 2009 - On the day that the UN Climate
talks officially closed, Friends of the Earth International warned against
the false conclusion that the UN Climate Conference has adopted the
'Copenhagen Accord'.

The Copenhagen Accord announced on December 18 by U.S. President Barack
Obama was not adopted by delegates to the United Nations climate
conference here. Instead, delegates merely 'noted' the agreement's

Green Party of Canada calls Copenhagen "Climage Betrayal"

“The political statement agreed to with much fanfare in Copenhagen at the 15th Conference of the Parties is not what was needed,” says Elizabeth May, the Green Party of Canada Leader. “With clear warnings from science that greenhouse gas emissions must halt their global rise and begin a steep decline no later than 2015, the leaders gathered in Copenhagen have issued a compromise statement that should never have been written.”

Global Greens call for honest, scientifically sound climate agreement

2009-12-17 Copenhagen, Denmark -- As the Copenhagen COP enters its second week, the Global Greens today called for an honest climate agreement, based on science not tricky accounting.

The Global Greens are concerned that rich nations are building loopholes into the agreement to give the appearance of strong targets without the reality.

USSF2010: Feed the Roots, Grow Our Movements!

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Global Greens forum on December 13 to address global warming during UN Copenhagen Climate Conference

Green Party leaders from every corner of the globe will participate in a public forum in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday, December 13, during the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference.

With the outcome of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen uncertain; this forum will give a Green perspective on how a meaningful and sufficient global deal on climate change can be reached before it is too late. The leading Green politicians participating in the forum advocate a strong climate treaty and will play important roles in decision-making at all levels.

US Greens have called for an end to subsidies and tax breaks to fossil and nuclear energy industries; enactment of socially equitable carbon taxes; incentives, legislation, and reforms to provide renewable energy technologies; rejection of environmentally destructive 'alternative' fuels produced from unsustainable or toxic feedstocks; rejection of 'clean coal'; comprehensive planning to protect and conserve water resources; an absolute limit on CO2 emissions; reduced fossil fuel use and an 80% cutback within ten years.

Greens in the US insisted that there is "no climate security without peace, no peace without climate security" and said that the current US wars, especially President Obama's troop escalation plans for Afghanistan, and global military spending (about $1.4 trillion per year, at least half from the US) are impediments to worldwide cooperation in the fight against climate change.

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US Social Forum Detroit Local Organizing Committee Potluck - Tuesday @ 5:30pm

Peace y'all This Tuesday will be a great Detroit Local Organizing Committee meeting. We will do a year-end review and have some strategic planning for the January National Planning Committee meeting (January 8-10 in Albequerque, NM)

As a special year-end treat, all committee members are encouraged to participate in this meeting and also to bring a dish or dessert or treat to share with others. Feel free to bring new people, to forward this message to committee members and USSF supporters.


Tuesday December 8, 2009
USSF Detroit Office, Central United Methodist Church
23 E. Adams, 4th Floor
in front of Comerica Park

See you soon!

William Copeland USSF Organizer

Green Party opposes escalation, urges Obama to announce US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in his Dec. 1 speech

2009-12-01 Washington, DC -- Green Party leaders called on President Obama to reverse his Afghanistan policy by pledging an immediate cease-fire in the Afghanistan war and a complete withdrawal of US troops and military contractors, when he addresses the nation on Tuesday, December 1.

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