Greens call President Obama's resurrection of nuclear power and handout for Georgia nuclear reactors his "worst idea yet"

Green Party leaders and candidates are calling President Obama's resurrection of nuclear power with a multi-billion-dollar taxpayer-funded subsidy for a Georgia plant his "worst idea yet" and warned about serious public health threats posed by mining, waste transportation, and waste storage. The Green Party disputes the myths that nuclear power is 'green energy' or a solution to the advance of climate change.

"The twin nuclear reactors in Burke County, Georgia, would be financed with $5.4 billion in loans from the Federal Financing Bank with money of the US Treasury. According to the GAO, this investment has a 50/50 percent or worse chance of failing. President Obama wants taxpayers to assume 80% of the financial risk to turn the southeast Atlantic states into a big open-pit radioactive barbeque. This investment is a terrible idea -- President Obama's worst yet," said Lisa Green, Green candidate for California Assembly Candidate, 53rd Assembly District (

"If built, the plant will be a financial disaster because of high construction expenses and likely cost overruns, compared with other sources of electrical power. As the first of a new generation of nuclear power plants, it'll carry huge technical risks. Even more ominous is the problem of mining, waste storage, and waste transportation through populated areas, which carry huge public health dangers," added Ms. Green.

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Resurrection March, Thurs, 2/18, noon-1 p.m.

Dear MWRO Utilities Committee,

Last Thursday, a team of negotiators from MWRO met with DTE, and they have made major concessions (see below for details). However, we are continuing to put the pressure on them to eliminate ALL wintertime shut-offs. Therefore our next Resurrection March will be:

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, noon-1 p.m.
DTE Headquarters
Bagley and Third Streets
(Near MGM Grand Casino)

Ann Rall
MWRO Utilities Committee

As a result of our negotiations on February 11, DTE is claiming that in the next 2-3 weeks, they will be ready to restore lights and gas for three specific populations:
1) Low income households (low income means poor ? it doesn?t describe a person who works at a high paying job who spends all their pay at the casino, so now they are penniless.)
2) Seniors (62 and over)
3) Disabled persons (must be receiving disability benefits?SDA, SSI, SSDI. It does not count if you have a pending application).

Detroit Greens Third Thursday Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Detroit Greens will take place Thursday, February 18, 7 pm at Biggby Coffee at 4501 Woodward, parking behind the coffee shop.

Proposed Agenda:

1. Introductions

2. Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) State Meeting Lapeer February 27-28 – election of officers

3. Updates on Green activities include US Social Forum, Welfare Rights, Peoples Water Board, Autoworkers Caravan, Labor Notes Conference

4. Update on US Social Forum and Green Party meeting – visit to Wayne State

5. Announcements

6. March Meeting, March 18, 7 pm, Urban Network bookstore 5740 Grand River

Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit February Update; Free showing of Food Inc.


Eastern Market Shed 5 - 7 to 9 PM
Film: FOOD Inc.

Volunteers needed

Help prepare for this year’s GLBD October Conference.
If interested, please send an e-mail now to
Thanks for your support and help

Note two attachments:
Permaculture training
April event

GLBD PHONE NUMBER 313 717 6151

Haiti benefit party and concert Saturday Feb 13

We Love Haiti!
A benefit concert and house party in solidarity with the people of Haiti

Saturday, February 13

Brad and Tiffany's
1812 Church St. #2
Corktown, Detroit

Live performances by

The Immigrant Suns
(a special reunion performance!)

Lac La Belle
(house-rocking folk-roots trio)

Behind The Times
(Detroit's newest Bluegrass sensations)

Michigan Greens Say Granholm’s Final “State of the State” Speech Is Disappointing, Short-Sighted, Business as Usual

GPMI Candidates Will Focus on Prosperity and Peace for People, Environment

Members of the Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) are disappointed, though
not surprised, by the contradictions between Governor Granholm’s talk of
a new direction for Michigan’s economy and her obvious support of the
same old business as usual . . . and the same old businesses.

“Had Granholm stopped after saying, ‘Our world has changed, utterly; the
old Michigan economy is gone,’ I would have been left with the
surprising impression that I agreed with her,” says Art Myatt, a GPMI
vice-chair and the head of the party’s Platform Committee. “She did not
stop. She went on to outline ways to bring back whole chunks of the old
economy. Her vision is simply a revived automotive economy that has
less automobile manufacturing in Michigan.”

“In her final speech on the state of our state, she mentioned the waters
of Michigan just once -- and then only as a ‘natural resource’ to be
exploited. There was no mention of protecting those waters, or
protecting Michigan’s environment at all,” Myatt continues. “Earlier
this month, her Department of Environmental Quality, on the day before
it was to be dissolved, ruled in favor of permitting sulfide mining in
the Upper Peninsula, bypassing the legal process in place to contest
this permit.

Michigan Greens Point Out Disconnects in Obama's "State of the Union" Agenda

The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) has deep concerns about much of the agenda President Obama laid out in last week's "State of the Union" speech.

"As usual, President Barack Obama delivered a polished presentation, but I am forced to wonder if his speechwriters aren't a little disconnected from reality," notes Douglas Campbell, a registered professional engineer in Ferndale, Michigan and a member of GPMI's State Central Committee. "The Democratic Party has had control of the House, the Senate and the White House for more than a year now, yet little or nothing resembling a 'democratic' agenda has been enacted.

"Budget-busting bank bailouts and war funding appropriations have sailed through this Democratic-controlled Congress," Campbell adds. "But instead of withdrawing American troops, contractors and mercenaries from the Middle East, the military operations are being escalated. Guantanamo remains open for business; there is no health-care-funding reform act; and nothing enacted during George Duhbbyah Bush's two terms has been repealed."

"Obama claimed there would be no freeze on Social Security and Medicare, but there already is a freeze this year on both of those programs," says Linda Cree, an active Green Party member in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. "Not only that, last year, for the first time in 30 years, Social Security recipients did not receive a cost of living adjustment because the government felt there hadn't been enough inflation to warrant one. That translates to a two-year freeze already."

Resurrection Marches, every Thursday in Febuary at Noon

Dear Utilities Committee and friends,

We are building steam! We are continuing with our Resurrection Marches to protest the murders DTE commits by shutting off people's lights and gas in the winter. DTE has been contacting the MWRO leadership, asking us to negotiate. Now is the time to TURN UP THE PRESSURE! Please join us:

Every Thursday in February, Noon to 1 p.m.
DTE Headquarters
Bagley and Third Streets
(Near MGM Grand Casino)

There is a copy of a flyer attached--please circulate, if possible.

Ann Rall
MWRO Utilities Committee

Demonstration in Lansing at Governor Granholm’s State of State speech Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - 6:00 pm

For immediate release

Contact: 313-319-0870

Demonstration in Lansing at Governor Granholm’s State of State speech

Wednesday, February 3, 2010—6:00 pm

Demand that Governor Granholm use her police powers to DECLARE A STATE OF ECONOMIC EMERGENCY and Place a Two-Year Moratorium on Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shutoffs in Michigan.

For Transportation from Detroit call 313-887-4344

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